Old Broadway
   The artists shown here are true icons of Graffiti.

  You may have noticed that the music on this page is a little slower and a little more sad than normal That's because there hasn't been much activity here at this location for quite some time now.

  Collectively, this is in my opinion, one of the best overall Graffiti locations in the area. There is more natural talent on display here than just about anywhere else I've been to.

  Sad to say, it appears that the artists who had been putting their work up here have now left the area, because not much seems to have changed here at this location for some time now. In one way that's good. We haven't lost any of this superb work. But in another way it's sad, because I was looking forward to following their work as it progressed over time.

May 17, 2011
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September 3, 2011
October 5, 2011

I Am - The Monitor
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December 4, 2011

Old Broadway Slideshow #1
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