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Bridgeport Has The Right Idea

          Bridgeport stands ready to take it's place as the "Arts Capital of Connecticut".  As well it should.

  It all started several years ago with the annual downtown Arts Fest and grew from there. On the outside chance that it might help clean up that part of the town, (you know the section I'm talking about) the city higher-ups decided to set aside a section of the otherwise abandoned North-End to show off the talents of the local street artists. So, with that in mind, they dedicated two walls from two adjoining empty buildings on the corner of Main and Gold Streets to Freestyle Graffiti and Large Wall Murals.
   The results speak for themselves. One large mural, which measures approx. 50' X 15', now stands as a tribute to P.T. Barnum. In fact, all the artwork was so well received, they've now turned that entire corner into a public park with benches and shade trees. Then, because the artwork project was so successful, and because demand was so high, they've enlarged on the idea and dedicated two city blocks to local street artists.
   By all means, if you ever get a chance, you have to stop by and see how the transformation in the North End of town all started with the little section of town flanked be Main, Middle, Golden Hill, and Gold Streets. It's well worth the trip.... (Don't forget your camera, you're going to need it.)
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