I Am - The Monitor

From time to time we're contacted by various people with requests of one kind or another for services and/or information, etc.

I thought it might be a good idea to post those request here, along with any other announcements about various goings on.
Here's a request I received for someone to do some "commissioned " art work.

This time it's from a Tattoo-Artist who just opened a new shop in New Haven.
He's willing to trade free tattoo work  -  in exchange for  -  free Graffiti Artwork in and around his shop

He would like to use several different artists who each specialize in one or more of the following styles;
 - Lettering - Freestyle - Religious - Portraits - Cartoons - Murals - Etc. -

In short, anything that would enhance the work he does as a Tattoo-Artist.
(He's a former Graffiti Artist himself and has over 15 years experience in Tattooing and Body Piercing)

Anyone interested in finding out more, click here
Or call INKfinity in New Haven at (203) 691-9274 and ask for Ruik

Here's another request for Graffiti artwork

This one's from a Christina Stuttard.
She said she's opening up a new Fitness Studio located in Westport, CT and would like to talk to someone about doing the entire inside with Graffiti.

Any Graffiti will do, but prefers the "Grunge" look.

If you're interested in finding out more click here
- or -
Call Christina at (203) 829-1736
Here's a link to a great story about one of Graffiti's original founders. I think you'll find this one pretty interesting. Check it out.

I recently received another request from someone opening a new exercise studio. This one's in Branford.

She said she's not sure about the style she's looking for but thinks she'd like it a little edgy. As long as it would include the name of her studio, she said she's open to suggestions.

She also said she's willing to cover the cost of all the paint, etc.

If you're interested in finding out more  Click Here